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Cannabis Application Consulting




The Longwith Group your goto firm when it comes to cannabis application consulting. States and local governments have increased their level of sophistication and knowledge of cannabis business operations. They have engaged firms such as HDL and the Longwith Group to assist them in forming their ordinances, developing their licensing criteria, and writing their applications. Consequently, you must recognize this when constructing your application. The story and narrative of your best practice operations must be communicated masterfully in your Business Plan. The first piece is building the right team to give regulators comfort in selecting your company as a license holder. The Longwith Group Our start with a financial analysis of the market to help you understand the return on investment and costs around the project. In the most competitive markets, the permit acquisition phase can be staggering.  Our firm has one of the highest success rates in the State of California.

RL: The first thing one must understand when applying for a license or permit is what we refer to as "RL." This stands for Rules, Regulations, and Laws. having a masterful understanding of RL's is a must. This knowledge is critical. Being involved from the beginning in rule suggestions can get your team noticed. At almost every step of the legislative process, the Longwith Group is involved. By keeping an eye on which elected officials are supporting bills, and which are opposing them, we obtain a competitive advantage by aligning with the supporters and negotiating with the opposing sides. 


A marijuana consultant with less than a year of experience is not a cannabis expert they are a cannabis enthusiast. Choose a company where the owners own a marijuana production, manufacturing or dispensing facility.

Write a Cannabis Business Plan, Determine Deal Structure for Potential Investors and Create a Pro Forma | Once the proposed conditions have been announced you can determine the market size. If the state caps production, the operations side of cultivation may suffer.

Acquire Property and Assets | Sometimes an option on land isn’t good enough, in states like New York extra points were awarded to applicants that owned the physical property. Pick a location that has access to over 7,500 kVA. Get the water tested in the area by an independent laboratory. The water that is available to the property may require water treatment; the condition of the water in the area could result in expenses to filtrate the water before introducing the water into your plants.

If you are fortunate enough to either have the resources to buy the land or building, do it. Cannabis real estate is a great venture, whether it is a retrofit building or new construction. Some deals have two companies that are part of the project. The first is an asset holding company the other is the license holding company.